15 Signs God Is Preparing You For A Relationship

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signs God is preparing you for a relationship

There are various signs God is preparing you for a relationship, which may come in different ways, so you need to pay close attention to it and be discerning, understand the times, and follow God’s timing, plan, and will for your life.

As a believer, God has plans for you in every single area of your life and wants you to succeed. So He will never let you go forward in any area of your life without Him preparing you and equipping you for it.

Hence, God is equally fully involved when it comes to your relationship and meeting someone. God prepares you for a relationship in so many ways, spiritually, emotionally, financially, and otherwise.

He equips you to be mature in these areas because they are the most vital. The spiritual comes first because spiritual maturity manifests the fruit of the Spirit. When you display the fruit of the Spirit, it helps you control your emotions, finances, and everything else.

Meeting your one true love or the right person is one of the signs God wants you to be with someone, and it must be according to God’s plan, will, and timing, and trust me, it is always right. Therefore, you should pay attention to the signs God is leading you to the one.

If you are reading this, it is because you have searched for it or you stumbled on it in one way or the other. And because you didn’t just flip over when it got to you. It instead caught your attention.

It means it is part of the signs God is preparing you for a relationship. God is involved in every single aspect of your life as a Christian. He wants you to succeed, so He will always prepare you before you get into it. So let us take it further and discuss 15 signs God is preparing you for a relationship.


15 Signs God Is Preparing You For A Relationship

1.  When You Begin To Give Your Attention To Issues About Relationships

When you desire to be in a relationship and begin to give attention to problems and things that rover around relationship talk, this is also one of the signs God is preparing you for a relationship.

At this point, anything about relationships begins to get your attention. It has become a thing of interest. You start searching for books about relationships and desire to attend seminars.

You even have it as a burden in your heart to pray for the right person to come your way. This burden in your heart to know more about relationships could be an instinct, but as a believer in Christ, it goes beyond that.

God has put something in your heart because He wants to prepare your mind to meet the right person.


2.  When You Begin To Desire A Relationship That Pleases God

Humans are naturally selfish, and our instincts are always what pleases our carnal desire. So we always want to go for what we like, what entertains us, and what gives us pleasure.

But as a Christian, when you desire to please God in every area of your life, including the extent of your relationship, you want a relationship that will glorify God.

You don’t desire to please God, except God gives you such ability, so you don’t wish to please God in your relationship, except God is preparing you to be in such a relationship.


3.  When Your Attention For Someone Grows

Sometimes when you meet someone for the first time and against all odds, you develop a sudden likeness and extra attention towards the person for no reason.

This is one of the signs that God is preparing you for a relationship with that person, or should I say God has already prepared both of you and caused you to meet.

Most especially when the person is a true believer in Christ, manifesting the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Like Adam, the Holy Spirit will also convince you deep down within you. When He first saw Eve in Genesis 3: 21 – 23, she immediately caught His attention.

He knew she was someone different and specially made by God for him. Adam had already seen other animals, but when he saw Eve, He immediately knew this one was special, and she was for him.

His attention for her grew so much that he began to see her as part of himself, bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh (Genesis 3: 23).


4.  When You Meet Someone That Shares Your Commitment With God

signs God is preparing you for a relationship

God wants you to succeed in every aspect of your life, including your relationship. So He will prepare someone for you and also prepare you for that person.

This preparation will sometimes be that both parties will have or share the same commitment with God before meeting each other. That is, you will be at liberty to discuss God with each other and to express your Christian faith together without fear or compromise.

So when you meet someone who shares a similar or a significant level of your commitment to God, it is God preparing the both of you to know how to serve Him better.


5.  When You Become Mature Emotionally

Emotional maturity is also one of the signs God is preparing you for a relationship. This means you have an outstanding level of control over your emotions when you don’t quickly erupt emotionally but know how to put your feelings in check.

You know you don’t make decisions when you are not balanced emotionally because you know you won’t make the right choice.
Emotional maturity helps you take responsibility and steps towards transforming to become a better person.

It is time for you to want to improve, and you also begin to strengthen and build on your character. When you get to this stage of your life as a Christian, it is one of the signs that God wants you to be with someone, and He is preparing you to meet that person.

So He wants you to know how to put your emotions in check and to understand how to make the right judgments on issues without any emotional sentiment.


6.  When You Understand Love From The Biblical Perspective

The Bible gave two examples of love, one is philia, and the other is agape. Philia means love that comes from familiarity, so there is selfishness attached to the feel-good sensation. So you love someone because of familiarity and because the person makes you feel good.

On the other hand, agape is called God’s kind of love, something beyond sentiment and the feel-good sensation. It is sacrificial love in that you get to do what is suitable for someone, irrespective of how the person makes you feel.

When you begin to understand what Agape love means and start practicing it towards everyone, it is one of the signs God is preparing you for a relationship.

God will train you and teach you how to show this kind of love to others without any emotional affection attached to them. You will need to practice this love when you finally settle with your spouse.


7.  When You Begin To See Beyond Looks

Times, we sometimes allow aesthetics to control our choices, mainly when it comes to the aspect of choosing a life partner. This is because we are primarily moved by what we see and like, so we term it to be what is good and right.

In 1 Samuel 16: 1 – 23, Samuel wanted to anoint a King for Israel in the house of Jesse. He looked at the outward of the sons of Jesse, but God, who looks at the inside, chose David, irrespective of his outward looks.

The Bible says in 1 Samuel 16: 7 (NIV), “….The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

When you look at people beyond what you see and like them for whom they are, and not just for how they look, it is one of the signs God is preparing you for a relationship.

God wants you to succeed in your relationship, and one of the tools you need to succeed is to start seeing people beyond how they look.


8.  When You Have A Mental And Financial Stability

signs God is preparing you for a relationship

Finance has been one of the primary reasons why we have broken homes today. Some were not because they didn’t have it in abundance but because they didn’t know how to stabilize it.

Having mental and financial stability is when you know you are efficient enough to manage any financial circumstances you find yourself in, both good and bad. It also means to have what is needed to meet a financial need at a given time.

This does not necessarily mean you must always have so much money as your income. Not that at all, but it means knowing how to manage your finances and stabilize them.

When you have it in excess, you don’t spend it on frivolities. You don’t try to live lavishly but save for the future.


9.  When You Grow To A Certain Level Of Spiritual Maturity

The Bible says in Galatians 5: 22 – 23 (NIV), “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control…” As a Christian, spiritual maturity is when these listed characteristics are part of your everyday life.

When you grow to this level of spiritual maturity, it is a sign that God is preparing you to meet someone because you are expected to live this way with your spouse.

Therefore, God prepares you to mature spiritually so that you will know how to live patiently, faithfully, gently, and joyfully and show kindness, goodness, etc., to the one you will meet.


10.  When You Are At Peace With Yourself

One of the signs God is preparing you for a relationship is that you will have inner peace.

This inner peace or being at peace with yourself is something that God Himself gives to you; it comes with accepting Christ as Lord and Savior.

God will prepare you to be at peace with yourself so that you know how to be at peace with the next person and your spouse. You can’t give what you don’t have; hence you can’t be at peace with someone else when you are not with yourself.


11.  When You Begin To Have A Respectful Attitude Towards Others

To have a respectful attitude in all your ways means not looking down on others. You don’t see yourself as being better than others; instead, your attitude uplifts and motivates them to grow into better people.

When you begin to have such an attitude, it is also one of the signs God is preparing you for a relationship because you will need to know how to compliment your spouse so that both of you can grow in your Christian faith.


12.  When You Know How To Sacrifice Freely

signs God is preparing you for a relationship

This is one of the aspects of relationships most people overlook, but it is vital. Knowing how to sacrifice things for someone freely, how to let go of things and not hold tightly to them, and how to be selfless and live freely with people.

Having this attitude is not normal though some come close to it. As humans, we are naturally selfish. We always want things for ourselves and to hold on to things tightly.

So as a Christian, when God is preparing you for a relationship, this is one of the areas of your life that He will visit. So when you see yourself in that place where you freely sacrifice and let go of things for people, it is a sign that God is preparing you and taking you to meet someone.


13.  When You Do Not Compromise With What Is Wrong

It would help if you spotted the difference between being lenient and compromising with what is wrong. Unfortunately, this is an area in life that most people get wrong. They mistake compromising with what is bad for being lenient.

So they compromise with what is wrong to maintain a sense of “false peace,” and mind you compromise is detrimental to the well-being of any relationship.

Because when you continue to allow what is not suitable to be, all based on the fact that you don’t want to hurt someone else’s feelings, it will only end up causing more harm than good.

But when you do not compromise with what is wrong, you always try to set things straight, and you make people understand that this is who you are and what you stand for. It will help solidify your relationship with people and your spouse.

When you get to this stage in life, it is a clear sign that God is preparing you to be with someone because this is a vital aspect of relationships that helps them to grow stronger.


14.  When You Grow Stronger In Your Prayer Life

As a Christian, prayer is the most vital part of your living, it is when you connect and commune with God, and hence you cannot do anything without prayer.

Your entire life and Christian living depend on it because the more you pray, the more you show your total and absolute dependence on God. Only God can help you grow stronger in your prayer life.

So when you grow stronger in your prayer life, it is also a sign that God is preparing you for a relationship because God knows you need to succeed in your communion with Him, and prayer is what helps us commune with God.


15.  When You Begin To Understand The Correct Purpose Of Marriage

When you start to understand the excellent purpose of marriage beyond what you see and beyond mere companionship, that marriage is the oldest constitution ordained by God (Genesis 3: ) and that it is a mystery that signifies Christ and the Church (Ephesians 5: ).

This will pre-inform you to understand what you want to enter, and only God can prepare you for this. So when you get to this stage of your life as a Christian, it is one of the clear-cut signs God is preparing you for a relationship.

So He is putting all this knowledge inside of you to help you be equipped for where He is taking you.


How Do You Know If God Wants You To Be With Someone?

signs God is preparing you for a relationship

You are probably pondering how you know if God wants you to be with someone. How to know if God wants you to be with someone is when you are spiritually, emotionally, and financially mature and ready for marriage.

This means when you get to the stage where you allow your spiritual life to control every aspect of your life.

You keep emotional sentiment aside when making decisions. Instead, you make decisions based on what is right and not what your emotions drive you to do.

For instance, out of emotional sentiment to please the next person or emotional excitement, you can make a wrong financial choice or decision that can cause you to run into a severe economic crisis, leading you to many other problems.

You can even sin against God to please a spouse or partner out of emotional sentiment. However, when your emotions are not checked or controlled, you can make drastic decisions that seem right because they appease your opinion but, in the real sense, are wrong.

Again, knowing if God wants you to be with someone means knowing how comfortable and how liberal you feel around the person. By comfort and liberty, I mean being comfortable and being at liberty to practice your Christian faith.

Do you feel free to talk about God and to live for God when around the person, or do you compromise your Christian faith around the person?

You need to examine whether the person’s character points you to Christ, whether the person’s character helps your Christian life to grow, and whether the person edifies you spiritually.

Remember, signs are signals and indications, they are not the end in themselves, but they are what point you to the end. They point at something more significant. So these signs you are looking out for will tell you a bigger picture of what is to come.

The aim of every Christian relationship is that it will lead to marriage. So I don’t think God will lead you to someone or want you to be with someone when it does not lead to marriage. So you should ask yourself these two questions.

i) is the person spiritually mature enough to aid my spiritual growth?

ii) am I spiritually mature enough to aid their spiritual growth?

The Bible says the mystery of marriage is a profound mystery that refers to Christ and the Church (Ephesians 5: 21). By this, it means the coming and a man and a woman together is an image that points at Jesus Christ and the Church.

So God will not lead you to someone and want you to be with someone who will not portray an image of Christ and the Church.



God wants every one of His children to be happy and fulfilled. His will for us all is that we all will be successful in every area of our lives, so He endeavors to prepare us ahead of time to meet the right person and be the right person for someone else.

So as believers, before we make any move to engage in a serious relationship with any person, we should look out for these signs.

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