10 Things Faith-Filled People Do Differently

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A faith-filled life is a life that is set apart, consecrated, and called to serve. It is an extraordinary life that oozes heavenly grace, constantly seeking God’s face and totally focused on the heavenly race.

This kind of life is not governed by impulse or carnality but led by the Holy Spirit. Every move you make, every step you take is an offshoot of divine direction, permutated by God’s leading. In this scenario, Jesus indeed takes the wheel, and we follow diligently.

David painted a vivid picture of what a faith-filled life depicts when he wrote Psalm 24.1, “The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want” Underneath this scripture underlies the relationship of a faith-filled life, and how they are intertwined with God in their daily life.

A shepherd guides, guard and gives direction to the flock. A relationship that goes beyond just husbandry but encapsulates the totality of walking with God.

A faith-filled life is distinct, a stark difference from the world because it is cut from a different cloth. I die the king’s faithful servant, but God’s first.

Thomas Moore

Thomas Moore highlighted the core values of a faith-filled life when he made the quote above and ended it with but God’s first. Hence, a faith-filled life is one that does things differently, for we are faith-filled, running on God fuel, the word of truth, and drink from the river of life.

We are custodians of our faith. We fine-tune our every move and align our everyday journey to the undiluted instructions from God’s word. Furthermore, faith-filled life is an exemplary life that extols the values, virtues, and victory of the Christian faith. Hence, these are Ten Things a Faith-Filled Life Does Differently.


1.  Gives Sound Judgement

The word of God is a compendium of great men and women whose lives were nothing short of the grace of God. They were faith-filled and walked according to God’s precepts, living according to his will; come rain come shine, and their lives are all connected to one specific and outstanding character, ‘Sound Judgement.’

A faith-filled life is one that is earmarked by a consistent display of sound judgment, which is evident on a day-to-day basis. Why sound judgment? A faith-filled life runs on a sound mind that is just, unbiased and refined.

The constant intake of the word of God filters the mind and polishes it with sound wisdom to disperse and dispense solid judgment.

Hitherto, we often find faith-filled people recognized for their truth, justice, and intelligent ideas and judgment. If as faith-filled believers, we cannot display sound judgment, who then will?


2.  They Draw Inspiration From God

A salient characteristic of a faith-filled life is the unwavering trust and faith in God Almighty. David made a significant point when he said: ‘I will lift my eyes to the hills from when cometh my help.’

He drew inspiration from God, he always called, and he depended and beckoned on God. As a faith-filled man, he understood the place of God in his life and counted on God for divine inspiration. 

A faith-filled life does not draw inspiration from the world or devilish things. They depend on God for inspiration, for victory for triumph, for progress regardless of the challenge. 

Hence, when Goliath the giant came, Saul was devoid of ideas, the whole Israelite army was out of ideas, but David was not. Instead, he lifted his eyes to the hills from whence come help, inspiration, and divine direction. 

Even though Goliath the giant came to him with a spear and a sword, he came to him in the name of the Lord. A faith-filled life draws inspiration from God. They don’t trust in drugs, ungodly things, or even shortcuts; they trust in God totally.


3.  Treat People Differently

Faith-filled people, as a result of their closeness with God they begin to think the way God thinks, and also see how God sees. Faith-filled people see through the eyes of God. 

They are not quick to judge; they are patient with people and see the very best in people. They look at people for not what they are but for what they can become, just like how God saw us worthy to partake in his grace by sending his son Jesus Christ to die for us while we were sinners and worthy of condemnation.

In a world full of hate, racism, discrimination, exploitation, manipulation, and cruelty, faith-filled people are different and treat others differently. They are light under the tunnel, a tunnel through which God’s love, hope, and compassion flow through.

They are a paradigm shift, extolling the virtues of love and encouragement, healing and touching hearts with warmth and unconditional love. Where else can one feel at home, have a sense of belonging if not in the gathering of faith-filled people?


4.  They Serve In All Humility

If you search through centuries, read my book of bible stories, watch Christian movies, read Christian literature one dominant quality you will find in people who are true believers in its entirety are often recognized by their Humility.

It is strange to say Christ lives in you, and you’re seen as proud and arrogant. Jesus Christ was known for is humility, and if he lives in you, you should reflect humility effortlessly.

Faith-filled people serve others in humility, and they are easily identified by such traits. They don’t drag or wrestle for power, rather they are chosen to lead, and they don’t oppress or trample on others; rather, they serve. They are exemplary like Jesus Christ, who took the form of a servant, served, and God exalted him. 

Faith-filled people are humble people. They are Christ-like because Jesus lives in them. They don’t need to fake it or feign false humility because Christ-like virtues flow and shine through them. 

A faith-filled life echoes the lifestyle of our Jesus Christ, who was an epitome of humility. He was never proud, arrogant, or snobbish.


5.  They Lean Not In Their Own Understanding

God’s wisdom is like an endless ocean; it is our birthright as faith-filled people to tap from it, use it in our daily lives. It is not far-fetched why faith-filled people are known for wisdom and understanding because they utilize God’s wisdom embedded in his word in their daily lives.

David buttressed the importance of maximizing God’s wisdom in our endeavors when he advised us not to lean on our own understanding but instead rely on God’s wisdom. Human wisdom and understanding are limited and short-sighted.

God’s wisdom is supreme, limitless, and powerful. We are often moved by physical appearances, charades, and gimmicks but with God’s wisdom, we see beyond the surface give well-informed decisions backed by divine wisdom and direction.

A typical example of this can be seen when Samuel the prophet was asked to anoint the Son of Jesse. Samuel was moved but human reasoning and human understanding, but God in His infinite wisdom instructed Samuel not to anoint him because he hasn’t chosen him.

Then when David was brought forth, he was a shepherd boy, little without big muscles and biceps. Often times we are moved by physical things, and we miss out on opportunities by making decisions based on our own understanding. 

Hitherto, a faith-filled person leans not on his own understanding but beckons on God’s infinite wisdom lurking underneath the book of life.


6.  They Excel Excellently

Faith-filled people don’t just excel; they excel excellently. The indwelling of the spirit of excellence dwells in them and that makes them excel excellently and effortlessly. All through the scriptures, we are furnished with various bible characters who flourished and excel excellently well.

However, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego stood out as they outshone not only their peers but also grew through the ranks to be men that held sensitive political positions in a foreign land because an excellent spirit was in them.

Taking a closer look at various industries, parastatals, academia, we find these faith-filled people who pioneer groundbreaking ideas and invention that shapes countries, industries, and the community. Hence, faith-filled people are a gift from God to the community and the world at large.


7.  They Are Exemplary In Conduct

In today’s world, it is very difficult to avoid distractions and live a godly life that eulogizes the tenets of the bible.

However, faith-filled people are unperturbed, unabated, and committed to living an exemplary life that extols the virtues and values of a godly life that fears God and never compromises.

Faith-filled people are different; they are a shining light in the dark by virtue of their exemplary lifestyle, which is visible and inspirational.

It is very easy to identify a faith-filled person whether at home, place of work, school etc. This is as a result of their lifestyle, which radiates the lifestyle of one who fears God and also focused on heavenly things. Their way of life is different, the way they speak, conduct themselves, and serve God. 


8.  They Leave Behind A Lasting Legacy 

Life is a journey, and when our time comes, we will all meet our maker. However, the demise of a faith-filled person is a celebration of life both on earth and in heaven.

A faith-filled person leaves behind the legacy of a godly heritage for their sons and daughters, the Christian community, and everyone that crosses their path.

This sort of legacy is a culmination of their lives here on earth, which was as a result of their walk with God, service to God, and resolution to surrender their life to God. They live a righteous life that the bible extols, which also inspires those around them to emulate their lifestyle.

We all know and have experienced such faith-filled people in our lifetime who not only lived a life worthy of emulation but also left behind a lasting legacy that will not only stay for a while but a lifetime.


9.  They Cultivate A Deep Spiritual Connection With God

Faith-filled people have a long-standing relationship with God. They have cultivated such connections by creating an altar where they seek God on a daily basis.

These are moments of prayer, meditation, effectual and fervent prayers that regulates their life. They dare not miss a day or entertain anything else within the stipulated time.

This deep spiritual connection is the reason why they are saturated by the glory and grace of God, not limited to divine direction, and are an extension of GOD’s spiritual gifts and power.

It is a quiet time where they learn the depth and discover the hidden mysteries in the bible, a breakthrough in prayers, and attain the power to overcome the flesh, thereby living a holy life that pleases God.


10.  They Invest & Build The Things Of God

What sets faith-filled believers apart is their drive to not only build but also invest their time and money building the things of God. It will amaze you the amount of money faith-filled people give in their local churches and organizations towards propagating the kingdom of God.

They are not only pillars spiritually, building the house of God, being teachers of the word, counseling new converts, encouraging old members, praying vigorously for the success of the ministry but also contributing resources and money to ensure the house of God is not lacking in anything.

They are also known for their charity work which is done tirelessly, consistently, and happily. They are cheerful givers, giving generously, and God blesses them bountifully.

They never shy away from crusades, revivals, evangelism, and missionary work. They are God’s army on earth propagating the gospel of hope to every corner of the earth. 

Hence, faith-filled are not just a gift but a gift that keeps giving towards the growth and expansion of the kingdom of God.

Indeed, they are not only different but also do these 10 things differently which single them out as a force to be reckoned with above and on earth

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