100 Christian Journaling Ideas That Will Strengthen Your Spirit

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If you’re looking for new and creative ways to engage with your faith and explore your relationship with God, then this post about Christian journaling ideals is idea for you.

Journaling effectively expresses your thoughts and feelings, documents your spiritual journey, and deepens your relationship with God.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some Christian journaling ideas to help you take your spiritual practice to the next level, but before then, let’s see what Christian journaling is.

What Is Christian Journaling?

If you are new to journaling, you may wonder, what is Christian journaling? Christian journaling is the practice of expressing personal thoughts and feelings about faith, spirituality, and the Bible through writing.

It is an incredibly powerful tool for deepening your relationship with God and understanding more about yourself and your faith.

Christian journaling can be done through prayers, reflections, and musings about Scripture and your everyday life. It also provides a safe space for expressing emotions and encourages spiritual growth.

Journaling is a terrific method to analyze your thoughts, actions, and feelings, relax and refocus. The best thing about Christian journaling is that it challenges you to understand God better, to know who He really is, and to understand what He says about you.


Why Is Christian Journaling Important?

So why is Christian journaling important? Christian journaling is important because journaling can be a channel for communication with Jesus. He is fully aware of your existence and is in love with you.

You can ask Him to lead you through the journaling process. With His grace, he will help you develop into someone more like Him.

So let’s see some Christian journaling ideas to help you make the most of your spiritual experience.


Christian Journaling Ideas You Should Try Today

Christian journaling is a great way to open up your spiritual life and explore your faith. It can be done in many different ways and can be tailored to whatever your needs may be.

Whether you’re looking for a way to express your thoughts and feelings or develop a closer relationship with God, Christian journaling is an excellent way to do so. Here are some Christian journaling ideas you should try today!

1.  Journal The Names & Characteristics Of God

This is one of the most common Christian journaling ideas for beginners. Knowing who God is makes it easy to understand who you are and to trust him with your life.

Look through the Bible or start with your favourite passage and write down God’s name and any characteristics described there.

2.  Journal Your Favorite Bible Verses

The word of God is full of power, it is living and active. So take the time to reflect on your favourite Bible verse by writing it out and then journaling about it to renew your mind and get closer to Jesus.

3.  Journal About 10 Things You’re Grateful For

This is one of the Christian journaling ideas that may sound simple, but it becomes thrilling as soon as you start. When you think about what you are thankful for, you’ll find you can’t help but smile and will want to make your list longer.

4.  Write A Letter To Yourself

You can write to your younger, present, or future self to gain a new perspective. You can even ask Jesus for His guidance on what he would say to your younger, present, or future self.

5.  Journal About God’s Faithfulness To You

Don’t forget how amazing God has been in your life, how faithful he has been, and how he has blessed you no matter where you are. Write about them!

6.  Make An Emotions List

This may appear unnecessary, but keep a running inventory of all the feelings you experience while journaling, either in your journal or somewhere easily accessible. This will assist you in identifying how you’re feeling later on.

The list can even assist you in tracing specific emotions to events to determine where they originate and how to control them more so they don’t dominate you.

7.  Write A Psalm In Your Own Words

Writing a psalm in your own words is an incredible way for Christian journaling ideas for psalms. Sometimes it may feel hard to pray to God to know what you’re feeling.

Luckily, the psalmists felt the same way and wrote beautiful verses to God in the best and worst of times during their lives.

8.  Journal About Casting Your Anxieties On Jesus

1 Peter 5: 7 says, “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares about you.” Jesus wants to hold you and take away your fear and anxiety. His yoke and weight are light, and you can lay all your worries on him.

There are several methods to surrender your worries to Jesus, one of them is to write them down and have something tangible to present to God. Then, even if it’s difficult, you begin by lifting your hands to him to transfer your anxiety to him.

9.  Be Still And Journal What God Is Saying To You

Psalm 46:10a says, “Be still, and know that I am God.” So before you start journaling, go off somewhere so that you are away from distractions, sit and be still. Even Jesus spent time being alone with God when He was on earth.

10.  Journal Through Art

God is a creative being who created us in His likeness. As a result, we may know that art is a wonderful method to connect with Him, praise Him, and digest the events in our life.

Painting, drawing, sculpting, collaging, whatever it is, you can use it to relax, draw closer to God, and write down what he is saying to you.

11.  Journal About Who God Has Been To You This Week

How have you experienced God this week? You can ask yourself, ‘Who has Jesus been to me this week? What new characteristics of God did I learn about? What did the Holy Spirit reveal to me?”

Answering these questions allows you to focus on God and who He’s been in your life for the past week instead of getting too worked up about yourself.

12.  Journal About Your Identity In Jesus

2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”

Take some time to journal about your new identity in Jesus. What does God say about you? Make a list of who you are in Christ.

13.  Journal about What God Says About You

What does God say about you? Search the Bible and journal your findings.

14.  What’s Your Favorite Way To Spend Time With God?

One of the many Christian journaling ideas to try today is to write your favourite ways to spend time with God. What’s your favourite way to spend time with God?

Do you enjoy His presence more in; solitude, silence, nature, or worship? Etc. You may enjoy Him more in something else, and there are endless ways to spend time with God, but today, find time to do one of the things you love with God and journal about your experience.

15.  Journal About Believing Everything That God Said

What if you took God at his word? Everything He said in the Bible is true, so what would happen if you truly believed it?

To practice this, pick out one promise of God in the Bible and journal about how it would affect your life if it were true. Then, ask God to show up and trust him to fulfil His promises.

16.  Journal Two Truths And A Lie

Think of or write down a lie that you’ve been struggling with recently. Whatever lies the enemy is speaking to you, journal through two truths that combat it from Scripture.

Here’s an example: I’ve believed the lie that I have to earn God’s love and provision. But, the truth is that I have been saved and loved by God by grace through faith (Ephesians 2:8-9).

And, Romans 8:32 says that God sent Jesus for me, so how will he not also grant me everything that I need?

17.  Journal Through Your Weaknesses

One of the most life-changing Christian journaling ideas is to write about the areas you are weak. What are you struggling with? Jesus wants to carry that with you.

The most vulnerable parts of us hurt the most when we bring them to the light, but Jesus wants to forgive us, heal us, and walk through the hard things with us.

We can trust Jesus with our weaknesses because He took on our weaknesses so that we could have a relationship with Him now and a life with Him in eternity.

18.  Journal Through Your Strengths

We all have what we are good at. Either a spiritual gift, an ability we have in abundance, a talent or in areas of competence. You should journal about them too.

1 Peter 4:10-11 tells us, “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace: whoever speaks, as one who speaks oracles of God;

whoever serves, as one who serves by the strength that God supplies—in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ. To him belong glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.”

19.  Journal About Your Growth

After looking at your strengths and weaknesses, journaling about your growth and how far you’ve come with Jesus is a great way to stay encouraged. What would your past self not believe about your life today?

What do you know about yourself now that you didn’t know before? What surprised you about your growth in your relationship with Jesus? How do you want to continue to grow? These are great Christian journaling ideas questions to ask yourself, and you document your answers.

20.  Make A Plotline Of Jesus’ Story In Your Life

How and when did Jesus show up in your life? What got you to where you are today? What’s your testimony?

You can answer these questions by creating a timeline of the significant things Jesus has done for you. Add any memorable stories or miracles you can recall and worship God for his faithfulness.

21.  Journal About Your Sabbath

What does your Sabbath look like? How do you spend time resting with Jesus? This is one of the Christian journaling ideas you can begin with today.

22.  Journal About Health And Self-Care

3 John 1:20 says, “Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.”

God cares about your soul, spirit, and body and wants to be with you in your health and self-care journey. Whatever that journey looks like, you can journal about it in order to know that you are God’s temple and that you can glorify him in everything that you do.

23.  Journal About Serving

What’s your favourite story in the Bible of Jesus serving others? How can you serve others like Jesus? What dreams of others can you serve right now, and how can you add value to their lives today? Go on and pen down your answers.

24.  Journal About Surrender

Have you surrendered fully to God? If you haven’t, you should know that He has good plans for you, better plans than what you could create for yourself.

25.  Journal About Your Dreams

One of the exciting examples of Christian journaling ideas is writing about your dreams, goals and aspirations — Journal your own plans and dreams for Jesus. Put them into categories, and ask Jesus to reveal his plans to you today.

26.  Journal About A Time In Your Life When God Rescued You

One of the most powerful ways to reflect on God’s faithfulness and presence in our lives is to take the time to actively journal about a time in your life where He has come through for you.

It’s an opportunity to look back and recognize how He has been with you in the past and how He will be with you in the future.

Through this reflection on the past, you can be reminded of His power and strength that He has already shown in your life.

27.  Journal About Scriptures That Brings You Peace

Journaling about scriptures that brings peace can help you to reflect on the meaning of the words and how they apply to your life. If a particular scripture provides comfort or guidance for you, try writing about it in more detail.

28.  Journal About A Time When You Believed God Spoke To You

Write your experience and describe in detail what God spoke to you about.

29.  Write A Prayer Of Surrender To God

You can pen down a prayer of surrender to God in areas of your life you are yet to surrender to His Lordship totally.

30.  Journal About How You Can Be Bold And Courageous For The Lord

Start by asking yourself questions such as: What risks can I take for the Lord? How can I have courage when I am feeling overwhelmed? How can I be a positive witness to others?

Writing down your thoughts and reflections can help you focus on living a life of faithfulness to the Lord.

31.  Journal About How You Can Improve Your Service To God

Write down some of the ways you can improve your service to God and His Kingdom.

32.  How Can You Be A Light To Others In A Dark World?

In what ways can you influence people positively? How will many come to the knowledge of Christ through you? Take some time out and document your ideas.

33.  Describe A Time When God Used A Bad Situation For Your Good

We all experience difficult situations in life, but it is important to remember that God can use even the worst of circumstances for our good.

When reflecting on a time when God has used a bad situation for your good, it is helpful to journal about the experience.

Writing about what happened, how it made you feel, and what you learned allows you to reflect on the situation and find God’s hand in it.

As you write, be sure to ask God to help you understand how this experience has made you stronger and wiser.

34.  Journal About The Things God Is Asking You To Change

God may be asking you to change a bad thing in your life as you think about them, write them in detail.

35.  What Would You Imagine Heaven Will Be Like?

When journaling about Heaven, ask yourself questions such as “What do I imagine Heaven will look like?”, “What will my life be like in Heaven?” and “What will God be like in Heaven?” Take time to reflect on the answers you come up with and write down your thoughts.

You can also explore the Bible to gain further insight about Heaven. Look for passages that talk about Heaven, its beauty and its promises. Take time to reflect on these passages and write down your thoughts.

Christian Journaling Ideas To Grow Your Faith

Here are some faith journal ideas to help your spiritual growth.

1.  Journal about what it means to be a person of faith.

2.  Journal about your favourite Scripture on faith.

3.  Journal about the recent story of faith that blessed you.

4.  Write about a time when you trusted God completely.

5.  Do you feel close to God right now? Why and why not if you don’t.

6.  Write about a time when God rewarded your faith.

7.  In what ways does God speak to you? Write about them.

8.  In what ways have you heard people say God talks to them? Describe those ways.

9.  What book(s) has impacted your faith greatly apart from the Bible? What lessons still resonate with you?

10.  How can you keep going in faith when you are worn out?

11.  What are your thoughts about doubt and faith? Do you think God frowns at doubt? Do you think doubt and faith

are opposites? What Scriptures can you draw on to support your thoughts?

12.  What is the most powerful faith story you have ever heard? Why does it resonate with you so much?

13.  How have you leaned on your own understanding in the past? How did it affect your faith?

14.  Faith without works is dead. What does this mean to you?

15.  Have you ever heard God’s voice and disobeyed it? What were the consequences? How was your faith

strengthened or weakened as a result?

16.  How do you wait in faith?

17.  Write about someone whose faith you admire and why.

18.  Write about a time when God sent you a direct message you couldn’t miss.

19.  What are my gifts? How can I use one gift to help someone’s faith today?

20.  What are misconceptions you’ve held about faith? When did you realize it? Where are you now in your thoughts about those misconceptions?

21.  What does trusting God completely look like?

22.  Scripture says faith is a gift. How are you sure that you have accepted that gift?

23.  What limiting beliefs do you have about the power of faith? What Bible verse can you draw on to deal with these limiting beliefs?

24.  Hope and faith go hand in hand. How would you describe your level of hope?

25.  What can you do in unplanned downtime to enhance your walk with God?

26.  How can you grow your faith when life is busy?

27.  What if your spouse is losing faith? What would you do?

28.  What can you do to stay faithful when your marriage gets tough?

29.  What steps can you take to grow in faith while married, through your marriage?

30. What friendships are harming your faith? What can you do to set boundaries or slowly let go of these friendships?

31.  What friendships are helping your faith? What can you do to enhance these friendships?

32.  What’s the state of your finances right now? How is that impacting your faith? What Biblical steps can you take to help this area?

33.  What’s your current body image? Do you feel confident that your physical health will allow you to be a vessel for the Holy Spirit?

34.  How are the spaces in which you spend time with God? Is your work, home, and car set up to support your faith?

35.  How does your relationship with your mother help or hinder your faith?

36.  How does your relationship with your father help or hinder your faith?

37.  How does your relationship with your siblings help or hinder your faith?

38.  How does the relationship with your co-workers help or hinder your faith?

39.  How does your relationship with your spouse help or hinder your faith?

40.  What can wifehood teach you about faith?

41.  When was the last time you encouraged someone in their faith? How did it go? How did it impact you?

42.  Think of one person you could help with their faith. What specific thing can you do for or with them?

43.  How has your faith grown over the years? Can you identify specific events that caused your faith to grow?

44.  How has your faith changed over the years? And how have you changed as a result of this?

45.  Taking the first step in faith isn’t always easy. What would you tell someone who is about to take their first step in faith?

46.  How does your work align with your faith? Does it add value to the lives of others?


Christian Journaling Ideas For Healing

Seeking healing is the another step toward growing in faith. People are frequently held back because of the past experience that still has a hold on their present.

Use these Christian journaling ideas for healing to start your healing journey so that God can do the work in you He’s been waiting to do.

1.  Where are you doubting God unconsciously?

2.  What’s your greatest struggle with trusting God?

3.  Which book in the Bible do you go to when you’re struggling in faith? Why?

4.  What would your life be like if you trusted God completely?

5.  What’s the greatest distraction to your faith right now? What definitive steps can you take to get rid of that distraction?

6.  Who do you need to forgive and why?

7.  What experiences have you had with others that you believe you’re still suffering from?

8.  Who have you hurt and why?

9.  How can you mend the harm that you’ve caused others to experience?

10.  Are you upset with God about something that has taken place in your life? Why?

11.  Who do you want to help you in your life? What’s stopping you from cultivating this relationship?

12.  What are some things that you like about yourself that others seem to criticize you about?

13.  Do you think you’ve failed yourself in one way or another?

14.  How can you begin to forgive yourself?

15.  What secrets are you holding onto, and what harm are they causing?

16.  Are you willing to uncover the sources of your pain? Why or why not?

17.  Do you examine mistakes that you’ve made from a place of compassion or judgment?

18.  What do you need to forgive your younger self for not knowing?

19.  What do you need to know how to do or learn more about? How is not knowing/learning holding you back?

20.  What anger or frustrations are you holding onto and why?


As you explore these Christian journaling ideas, you can find that it is a powerful and meaningful tool for deepening your faith and relationship with God.

It can help you reflect on the spiritual aspects of life, uncover areas of personal growth, and seek direction in times of difficulty. Through journaling, you can actively participate in your spiritual journey and draw closer to God.

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